Mason Bees Are Your Friend!

Filmed from our backyard in Ohio, here's a brief video showing how we hang mason bee nesting blocks right on our back porch. Some quick facts and notes:

  • Mason bees don't sting ― an easy way to quickly identify is to note their rounded (not pointed) rear-end with no stinger
  • They emerge early each Spring and last just a few weeks, busily creating cocoons for next year's bees
  • You'll notice different sizes as they fly around their blocks and come in and out of their holes (hint: male and female)
  • You can use untreated blocks with drilled holes OR buy cardboard tubes that are inserted into larger holes which allows you to actually remove and clean the cocoons and prep them for the following spring
  • Drilled holes should be 5/16" although they'll use a bit smaller or larger holes or crevices
  • They are great early pollinators if you have fruit trees, etc
  • Easy, free, kid/people-friendly & fun!